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Cons And Pros Of Using Steroids

A lot has been said about steroids, so there are many people who have already made up their minds and concluded that steroids are harmful and should never be used. Well, there might be a side of the story these people may not have heard. Before passing judgement, consumers should at least learn about the pros and cons of anabolic steroids. This will enable them to make an informed decision. The following are some of the cons of anabolic steroids, if you do not already know:

i) Banned Substance

Anabolic steroids are banned in professional sporting events. If you test positive for this substance, you can be banned for many years, which will put an end to your sporting career. In fact, if you have already won medals and prizes, you will be stripped of your title and ordered to return all the prizes you have won. For this reason, professional athletes should never use even top steroids.

ii) Illegal

In addition to being a banned substance, steroids are illegal. The only way you can get a legal steroid from Legal Steroids Here is when a doctor prescribes it to you for medical uses. If you are found in possession of this banned substance, you may be charged in cot.

iii) Side Effects

Anabolic steroids mimic the effects of testosterone, which is found naturally in the body. However, long term use of large dozes can have serious side effects, including; hair loss, sterility, weight gain, kidney and liver damage, heart disease, severe acne and depression among other things.

While the cons provide the naysayers with fuel to add to their fire, there are many pros of using bodybuilding steroids. They include:

i) Medical Applications
Steroids have a number of medical uses. Doctors normally prescribe it to HIV sufferers to help them gain weight. The same doses are also prescribed to cancer patients who have lost a lot of weight to help them gain healthy weight. It is also used to treat anemia as it increases red blood cell count. Lastly, anabolic steroids are normally prescribed to individuals who have experienced delayed puberty.

ii) Bodybuilding

If you have been working out hard but you have not gotten any positive results, your best bet for increasing your muscle mass is to use legal steroids.

iii) Sexual Health

Steroids mimic the effects of testosterone, which means that men who have low testosterone levels can use steroids to regain their sexual vitality.

Great Anabolic Winstrol Steroids For Lean Muscle Mass

Great Anabolic Winstrol Steroids For Lean Muscle Mass

Benefits And Side Effects When You Buy Winstrol And Use It

Winstrol offers many benefits to athletes without causing too many adverse effects. You can gain large lean muscle mass by using this drug. While it does not have the same muscle gaining power as other legal steroids for sale, it is still liked well by both athletes and bodybuilders. They use this drug because of its beneficial effects in building lean muscle. This effect can be achieved even while dieting. In the sports field, it is used as a training drug supplement. It is prescribed to patients for treating anemia, osteoporosis and AIDS related health problems.

Due to its misuse in the field of athletics, it is a banned substance in many countries. Some athletes have tried to gain undue advantage over other athletes by using Winstrol for physical performance enhancement. Now it is banned in the field of athletics. It is illegal to use or possess it without prescription in many countries. Winstrol is mainly used by veterinarians for treating animals. It is used to increase the weight of animals just before the slaughter. Pharmaceutical grade Winstrol cannot be found easily because its use in humans without prescriptions is banned. While it is difficult to buy Winstrol, it is not an impossible task. Winstrol for sale can be found online easily. Many products sold as Winstrol are derivative supplements and not pure Winstrol steroid. You should check these details when buying Winstrol online.

Winstrol is considered a mild steroid by athletes. It has lower androgenic and anabolic rating compared to other steroids. Still, it has a powerful effect on the user. This steroid is available in both injection and pills forms. The injection is taken intramuscularly while the pills are ingested orally. In all types of steroids, the injectable version is more effective and potent. The steroid molecules of oral pills are destroyed while passing through the liver. Athletes and sports persons who are not seriously into bodybuilding benefit from its use. They prefer it because it does not add bulk.

Winstrol binds well with androgen receptors. This process increases the rate of protein synthesis. It does not bind well with estrogen receptors and helps avoid water retention. The users are assured of big muscle mass because of higher nitrogen uptake in the muscles. Winstrol is used for removing unnecessary fat. It prevents formation of fat deposits. While it has milder effects, Winstrol is not without side effects. It can have serious side effects in women. This steroid can interrupt their menstrual cycle. It can give them manly appearance.

Male users experience side effects like deeper voice, hirsutism, low sperm count and lower production of natural testosterone in the body. It can cause digestive system problems. Users often report pain in the kidney and liver. Continuous use of Winstrol can cause cardiovascular and heart problems. It can increase blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Winstrol boosts production of red blood cells which is beneficial for many users but distance runners may not find this effect beneficial. It may be necessary to use other drugs to reduce the side effects of Winstrol steroid. A testosterone supplement post-cycle therapy can be used to counter the side effects of Winstrol .

All users take Winstrol in a cycle which runs over a period of several weeks. The time duration is generally 6 weeks but it can be extended to 12 weeks if the user’s body gets accustomed to using this steroid. The dose of Winstrol that starts at 50 mg daily can be increased to a higher level as the tolerance grows. Some users add it at the end of the cycle when they are nearing a contest date. Female users can use Winstrol in both cutting and bulking cycles but male users are advised to take it only in the cutting cycle.